Communication is key to our school community and I would like personally to thank those parents/carers who made a huge effort last year to support our school staff, sharing a friendly smile and saying hello to those who work here. It is very much welcomed by all staff and goes a long way in building positive relationships with your children at the centre of it.

We encourage enquiries to be sent via our Contact Us web form.  However, we have prided ourselves in ensuring all staff have email accounts to support communication between staff and our school community and we look forward to this continuing.

We continue to support staff in handling the many emails they receive from parent/carers during the school day and at times in the evening and during the weekend by creating a dedicated email account for parents to email to if they wish to contact their child’s classteacher.  The email address for all teachers is

These will be checked and forwarded to the teacher for them to answer at a convenient time for them. If you do need to communicate urgently with your class teacher, please do let the school office know via phone.

The Front Office

Vicki Davis (Receptionist)

Vicki will be available in the Front Office between 8.15am-3.15pm and is responsible for: 

  • Attendance
  • 1st day absence notice
  • Parent communications (by email, phone and at the Reception desk)
  • Registers
  • Cool Milk
  • ParentPay
  • Lunches
  • After school clubs
  • Uniforms
  • Admissions
  • Curriculum Focus
  • Newsletters

 Parents/Carers are still able to email directly to

Your support in this matter is much appreciated.