Please find below some helpful documents to support parents/carers with navigating and understanding some of the new on-line dangers…

  • Do you allow your child to use the internet?
  • Do you understand Social Networking?
  • Do you know what a blog is?…..or a Wiki…..?
  • Do you know what your child is doing online RIGHT NOW ?

Keeping your child safe is a daily, sub-conscious activity. Whether you are a digital native or digitally naive the good news is that you have all skills you need to help keep your children safe on the internet – you may just not have the knowledge or experience…… yet.

It’s not possible for children to have a risk-free life. Nor will it help to ban the access and use of the internet. We believe that what you need to do is to help minimise the risks and dangers and continue to educate.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to your child’s class teacher, Mrs Baldwin or Ms Lague.

The resources and information on this page are taken from the Cambridgeshire E-Safety website and it is to help you feel more informed and in control in the online world and better able to manage the potential risks.

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