Cromwell Academy Governance

The Governing Body is an integral part of any academy structure. The Governing Body works with the Headteacher and academy staff to make sure they provide high quality education for all the Academy’s pupils and constantly strive to improve. However, the Governing Body does not make day to day decisions about how the academy is run. This is left to the professionals – the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.

There are five key roles of the Governing Body: 

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • To hold the Headteacher accountable for standards against benchmarks
  • To ensure solvency and probity
  • To ensure leadership complies with statutory regulations
  • To engage stakeholders

In practice this means that a Governor may get involved in:

  • Deciding how the budget is spent and ensuring good value for money
  • Making sure the curriculum provides for and stretches all pupils
  • Making sure the academy buildings are welcoming, safe and well used
  • Setting and monitoring the academy’s values, aims and policies
  • Appointing staff and making sure the right development and reward arrangements are in place


Any parent/carer who has an interest in joining our Governing Body should e-mail in the first instance.