Reception - A

Welcome Amazing As!  


Welcome to Reception Amazing As! My name is Mrs Ash and I will be teaching Reception this year. I am looking forward to welcoming your child into their first year of school and being part of the start of their learning journey. This year we will be spending time learning indoors and outdoors and following children’s interests to develop new knowledge and skills.  My aim for the year is to introduce the children into our school community and give them opportunities that will encourage them to develop a love of learning.


I understand that starting school is an exciting and emotional experience but we can work together to give our children the support they need. The door is always open to parents/carers so please feel free to come and talk to me should you have anything to discuss



Autumn A

'Amazing Grace'


Our topic this half term will focus on the book 'Amazing Grace'.  During the topic we will be:

  • Reading every day. We will share stories as a class and access the reading area independently.  We will learn how to form letters and use these in our writing.
  • Focusing on numbers.  We will be singing number songs and playing maths games to familiarise ourselves with numerals and quantities.
  • Tuning our ears to focus on sounds by playing listening games.  We will be learning letter sounds and names and using these to help us to read and write.
  • Learning about what makes us similar and different to others.  We will explore ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy.
  • Use our imagination to explore small world play and role play in the home corner and outdoors.  We will have the chance to create junk models and produce paintings.
  • Exploring different areas of the curriculum in different areas of the classroom and outside.  We will explore given resources that we can choose to explore and give ideas about what we want to learn about, taking control of our own environment.
  • Settling into our new school where we will make new friends and develop a class community.  We will spend time exploring different activities, sometimes choosing what we want to play with and sometimes working with adults and groups of friends.  We will increase our confidence and independence.