Reception - A

Welcome to Amazing As!  


Welcome to Reception Amazing As! My name is Mrs Ash and I will be teaching Reception this year.


We have made it through our first full term and are looking forward to the new challenges that the next term will hold.  We have been enjoying our weekly trips to the woods; climbing trees, engaging in imaginative play and developing our gross motor skills when playing at the park.  We also worked super hard to prepare for our Christmas show.  Everybody remembered their lines and spoke and sang loudly and confidently.  We had so many compliments on the performance – well done! 


We really enjoyed learning about the nativity story and ‘The Jolly Postman’ and frequently acted out these stories through choice.  Therefore next half term we are going to be looking at different traditional tales to develop our imagination.  We are going to be ‘introducing a story line into our play’ and ‘play cooperatively to act out a narrative.’


Please feel free to come and speak to me throughout the year should you have any questions, queries or concerns.



Spring A



'Traditional Tales'

Our topic this half term will focus on 'Traditional Tales'


During the topic we will be:

  •          Continuing to learn trickier letter sounds and revise the sounds we have already learned.
  •          Build upon our number knowledge by solving number problems and using mathematical language.
  •          We will read a variety of ‘traditional tales’ to build imagination and give us ideas for role play.
  •          We will be improving our technology skills by working with our Year 6 buddies who will help us to learn on the ipads.
  •          We will continue to learn through weekly adult-led literacy and maths tasks but place emphasis on perfecting our learning in prime areas.  We will practise listening games to develop our listening skills, develop our gross motor skills during indoor P.E. and forest school sessions and continue to make new and developing existing friendships.