Year 1 - C

Welcome to Year 1 Creative Cs! My name is Mrs Guerin and I will be teaching Year 1 this year.

In Year 1 we have been having such a fabulous time learning about some Great Explorers such as Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. Our next topic is going to be centred around the colourful stories of Elmer by David McKee.


We will continue to have fun with our learning and take part in practical, hands-on activities to support our learning journey. We are starting to become independent learners and have been working really hard on our team work skills. We have had so many achievements from both home and school so far this year and we look forward to celebrating many more future achievements with family and the rest of the school.


Please feel free to come and speak to me throughout the year should you have any questions, queries or concerns.


Spring B


Our topic for this half term is going to be focused around the ‘Elmer’ stories by David McKee.

We will be:

  • Reading a variety of Elmer stories retelling them in our own words, creating descriptive character and setting descriptions, writing invitations to invite people to our own parade and creating an information page about elephants.
  • Drawing maps of Elmer’s home and researching the countries which elephants live in.
  • Looking at Florence Nightingale and why she is a significant person in history.
  • Designing our own patterned elephants, using the work of Kadinsky and some forms of African Art to inspire us.
  • Developing our coding skills using Purple Mash.
  • Securing our place value knowledge using numbers up to 50. We will also be measuring and solving problems involving length, height, weight and volume. 
  • Asking questions and completing a number of experiments to help us answer these questions.