Year 1 - C

Welcome to Year 1 Creative Cs! My name is Mrs Guerin and I will be teaching Year 1 this year.

We are really excited to start our learning journey together and have many exciting topics planned this year, starting with ‘London’s Burning’. In our class we like to have fun with our learning and take part in practical, hands-on activities. We will be developing our independent learning skills as well as working hard together. Our achievements from both home and school will be celebrated and shared with family and the rest of our school.


We are really looking forward to getting to know you all better and we have a fantastic year ahead of us to look forward to. Please feel free to come and speak to me throughout the year should you have any questions, queries or concerns


Autumn A

‘London’s Burning’

Our topic this half term will be ‘London’s Burning.’ During the topic we will be:

  •          Learning about how and why the fire spread so quickly.
  •          Creating a timeline of the significant events before, during and after the Great Fire of                London.
  •          Discussing the reliability of sources including pictures and recounts and deciding what they          tell us about the fire.
  •          Building houses from junk to recreate the Great Fire of London.
  •          Using ICT to create a moving picture of the Great Fire.
  •          Writing newspaper articles, letters and stories.
  •          Refining our number skills including place value, partitioning, ordering and comparing.
  •          Looking at the uses of different materials and classifying them according to their uses.
  •          Looking at some key religious figures and symbols.
  •          Developing our resilience through Dame Don’t Give Up.