Year 1 - C

Welcome to Year 1 Creative Cs! My name is Mrs Guerin and I will be teaching Year 1 this year. 

We are having a really great in Creative C’s and we have already learnt so much! In our class we like to have fun with our learning and take part in practical, hands-on activities. We are continuing to develop our independent learning skills as well as working hard together. Our achievements from both home and school are celebrated and shared with family and the rest of our school.

Summer B 2017 

Year 1 Creative C’s topic this half term is called “Grow Your Own”. We will be:

  • Becoming entrepreneurs, growing our own salad products and flowers in order to showcase our own garden centre.

  • Naming different varieties of plants, finding out what they need to grow and using this information to grow our own products and plants.

  • Creating our own paintings using colours that we have mixed ourselves.

  • Looking at our local area, thinking about the different plants and trees that grow on our school grounds.

  • Retelling and making changes to The Enormous Turnip, writing a set of instructions on how to plant cress, writing letters to invite our loved ones to see our Garden Centre and recount our lovely trip to Hunstanton beach.

  • In Maths we will be continuing to develop the methods we use to solve problems involving the four operations; measuring and recording weight, height and time; and working on our reasoning understanding.

  • We will take part in daily phonic lessons revising, learning and applying our knowledge in our writing and reading, helping us to get ready for our phonics screening check in June.