Year 2 - A

Welcome to Year 2. We Are the ‘Ambitious A’s’. I am Miss Harrison and I am the class teacher.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Year 2 so far and it has been lovely to see you all becoming more independent learners. I love that we are working as a team to become the very best we can be.

In our class, we combine learning new skills with having fun, and join in enthusiastically with all curriculum areas. We have lots of opportunities so far to share and celebrate our achievements, both from school and at home, with our friends, teachers and the rest of the school and there are still many more to come. We have been asking thoughtful and exciting questions about what we have learnt and will continue to do this throughout the year. By working hard with our parents and carers at home as well as giving 100% at all times in school, we have already achieved lots of successes and I am sure this will continue as we move through the year.

Shoot for the moon; even if you miss you will end up amongst the stars! And remember, a day without laughter is a day wasted!

Summer B 2017

‘The Great Cromwell Academy Bake Off - LIVE’

This half term we will be channelling our inner ‘Mary Berry’ and becoming directors as we film our

During this topic, we will be:

  • Working in groups to film our own baking show

  • Making our own bake good in teams.

  • Designing our own packaging   for what we have baked.

  • Experimenting with different camera angles and effects to make our videos more interesting

  • Learning how to combine sound with moving images to achieve high quality audio.

  • Creating and design posters to advertise our bake-off event.

  • Inviting our parents and carers in to school to watch our video and purchase our baked goods.

  • Looking at how television and film production have evolved over time.

  • Creating a comparison between the British film industry and Hollywood.

  • Learning about charity and how we can support those less fortunate that ourselves.

  • Revisiting different calculation methods in maths as well as learning more about money and measures.

  • Researching different living things and their habitats and visiting our local environment as part of our science learning.