Year 3 – D

Welcome to Year 3 Determined Ds. My name is Miss Allen and I teach Year 3 on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Jones teaches Year 3 on a Thursday and Friday. We are an eager group and can’t wait to continue our learning in the Autumn term.

We have a fantastic learning environment with many resources and displays ready for us to use. Reading is an important part of our day. When we read at home we write in our home link books, each time we read we earn house points, helping our house to become the champions. Throughout the day we read in preparation to take our AR quizzes. When we pass we receive a token and this leads to prizes! We may need you to help us remember to bring our books to school every day.

We are looking forward to exciting times together in Year 3 and hope to learn as a class, to always be determined, enthusiastic and curious to learn as we move forward in our school journey.

Summer B 2017

Our topic this half term is based around animation and comic strips and we will be:

  • Creating an animation based around fairy tales.

  • Acting out scenes from stories and empathising with and developing characters.

  • Editing and changing stories and turning them into comic strips ready to animate

  • Learning to conventions of direct and reported speech.

  • Learning to use animation tools to create effects

  • Planning sequences as well as evaluating and editing work.

  • Using 3D materials to make characters and different materials to create scenery.

  • Revisiting fractions, time, symmetry and problem solving.

  • ‘Light’ We will be investigating light, reflections and shadows. They will learn about different sources of light, and that we need light to see. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate reflective materials, in the context of designing a new book bag.