Year 4 - E

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 Elite Es! My name is Mrs Wootton and I am excited for the rest of the year to come.

Throughout the year we will be creating an inspiring, exciting  and enthusiastic learning environment which will help the children grow as independent young people with a love for learning. We have lots of interesting topics to learn this year looking at and researching a variety of subjects.

Please feel free to come and ask any questions or discuss any concerns. 


Year 4 E’s Autumn A ‘Roaring Rivers!’


Our topic this half term is based rivers and the geographical features of the areas around them:

Some learning experiences will include:


  •          Developing their sketching skills while visiting the local river.
  •          Use their map and compass skills to find their way to the river.
  •          Understanding the physical features of a river.
  •          Identify the changes of the rivers through history.
  •          Beginning to multiply and divide using the formal method and to use numbers beyond 4                  digits when solving word problems.
  •          Looking at shape poetry and recognising features of poems.
  •          Recognising the water cycle and the different processes it goes through.