Year 4 - E

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 Elite Es! My name is Mrs Wootton and I am excited for the rest of the year to come.

Throughout the year we will be creating a happy, well-motivated and stimulating learning environment which will help the children grow as independent young people with a love for learning. We have lots of fantastic topics to learn this year looking at and researching a variety of subjects.

I have enjoyed teaching your children so far and am looking forward to watching them grow and become determined young learners who are always motivated to learn.  Please feel free to come and ask any questions or discuss any concerns. 

Summer B 2017

‘In the Spotlight’

Our topic this half term will be based around completing our plays from Summer A and raising money using our films as a focus. Some learning experiences will include: 

  • Completing our Plays based around the twisted fairy tales.

  • Adding music and sound effects to our films.

  • Planning how we can become entrepreneurs and make money from our films that we have created!

  • Using maths in context to ensure that we make as much profit as possible!

  • Creating simple series electrical circuits and naming the basic parts as well as investigating good conductors and insulators.

  • Using journalistic writing features to report about our films and writing instructions for a range of purposes.

  • Refining our column addition methods to find the perimeter of shapes as well as investigating different multiplication methods to enable us to find the area of different shapes.