Year 4 - E

Year 4

Welcome back to Year 4’s Spring term! We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children this last half term who have been very welcoming and responsive to the changes we have introduced. We are thrilled to be continuing our journey with them this half term.


We have an exciting term ahead based around the theme ‘Somewhere to Settle’.


For your information, Mrs Yarnell will be continuing to teach the class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Mrs Jones will continue to complete the week.


Please feel free to come and ask either of us any questions or discuss any concerns. 


Spring B

Our topic this half term is ‘Somewhere to Settle’. We will be investigating human geography of the United Kingdom including settlements and land use.

Some learning experiences will include:

  • Identifying human and physical geographical features within the local area.
  • Developing debating skills and creating a newspaper article.
  • Learning about fractions and decimals
  • Learning about living things and their habitats. Identifying the characteristics of a living thing and learning to classify them according to different criteria.