Year 5 – M

Welcome to Year 5 Motivated 'M’s' class page.


Welcome to Year 5 Motivated Ms. Miss Allen will teach Year 5 on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with Mrs O’Reilly teaching on a Thursday and Friday. We are looking forward to an exciting and inspiring year filled with enthusiasm, curiosity and teamwork.


Our classroom is ready for us to learn, resources are available and our displays have information ready for us to use. Reading is an integral part of our day, we read at home and throughout the day ready to take our AR quizzes. When we read at home we write in our home link books, each time we read we earn house points, helping our house to become the champions. We also receive a token for passing a quiz and this leads to prizes!


We are looking forward to exciting times together in Year 5 and hope to always be motivated, diligent and dedicated to learning, as we move forward in our school journey.


Autumn A


In Year 5 we will be learning all about Space in our topic ‘Maybe we belong among the Stars.’ 

  • In English, we will be writing non-chronological reports, poetry, narrative and descriptions linked to space. We will also be investigating astronauts and planets.
  • In Mathematics, this half term we will approach a number of mathematical problems and we will be taking on the Year 6 curriculum. We will solve a range of fluency, reasoning and open-ended problems.
  • In Science, we will deepen our knowledge of space by, naming the planets in the solar system independently; explaining that day and night is due to rotation of the Earth, making predictions about night and day in different places on Earth and distinguish between heliocentric and geocentric ideas of planetary movement.
  • In History we will be investigating the changes in rocket designs and looking in-depth at Space travel. We will be asking our own questions and using a range of sources to answer them.
  • In Geography we will familiarising ourselves with different geographical terms such as latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle, and time zones.
  • In Art and Design we will be using a range of drawing techniques and using these to add interesting effects.