Year 5 – M

Welcome to Year 5 Motivated 'M’s' class page.

Welcome to Year 5 Motivated Ms, my name is Mrs Blyth and I teach Year 5, alongside a team of fab TAs. The Motivated Ms enjoy learning together and have many exciting topics planned for the coming year.

Our classroom is ready for us to learn, resources are available and our displays have information ready for us to use. Reading is an integral part of our day, we read at home and throughout the day ready to take our AR quizzes. When we read at home we write in our home link books, each time we read we earn house points, helping our house to become the champions. We also receive a token for passing a quiz and this leads to prizes!

We have had a fantastic half term together in Year 5 so far and hope to learn as a class, to always be motivated, enthusiastic and eager to learn as we continue to move forward in our school journey.

Summer B 2017

In Year 5 our topic has an entrepreneurial focus and is called ‘Money on my Mind!!” 

We will be: 

  • Our topic this half term has an enterprise focus and is entitled ‘Money on my Mind!’  
  • In English, we will be continuing to develop their writing and reading skills across a range of genre. We will be looking at adverts and un-picking the techniques used to persuasive an audience this will include taking part in Dragon’s Den. We will also be looking at different types of poetry including haiku and cinquain.
  • In Mathematics, this half term we will be doing a variety of maths problems linked to practical problems and using Maths across the curriculum including money.
  • We will be learning about forces and carrying out experiments that link to our knowledge.
  • We will be practising for our summer concert ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’ and creating programmes and posters to advertise this event.
  • Preparing for our transition to Year 6.
  • In Art and Design we will be designing and making products, including our very own cushion cover.