Year 5 – M

Year 5 – M

Welcome to Year 5 Motivated 'M’s' class page.


Welcome back to Year 5 , Motivated Ms. Miss Allen will continue to teach Year 5 on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with Mrs O’Reilly teaching on a Thursday and Friday. We are looking forward to an inspiring new half term filled with creativity, curiosity and teamwork.


Our classroom is ready for us to learn, resources are available and our displays have been updated to reflect our exciting new topics. We will continue to use our improved Guided Reading strategy and focus on our new class text Goodnight Mr Tom, which links to our new topic, World War II. We are very excited about our History of the Page experience which will take place on 26 February, which will inspire our writing. Mrs O’Reilly is looking forward to creating recipes based on rationing and cooking with the children. 1 March is World Book Day and 12 March is World Maths day, we look forward to planning exciting activities for both these events.     


We are looking forward to exciting times together in Year 5, after an excellent first half of Spring Term.  We hope to always be motivated, diligent and dedicated to learning, as we move forward in our school journey together.


Spring B


Our topic for the Spring Term has a Geography and History focus, as we will be studying World War II.

Aspects to be taught:

  • In English, we will be using the text Goodnight Mr Tom to inspire our writing about life during World War II , which will include letters, diary pages and poetry.
  • In Mathematics, we will be focusing on Fractions , how to  multiply and divide them and solve number problems. We will apply our skills to solve a range of fluency, reasoning and mastery problems.
  • In Science, we will develop our practical investigative skills, such as fair testing, measuring, predicting and writing a conclusion. We will study Living things and their Habitats.
  • In History we will be studying World War II, focusing on the daily impact of the War on family life. This will be made into a real life, relevant experience by our History of the Page day, at the beginning of term.
  • In Geography we will look at how different countries across the World were involved in and affected by World War II.
  • In Design and Technology we will develop our understanding of rationing during World War II, by designing and creating rationing recipes.