Year 5 – M

Welcome to Year 5 Motivated 'M’s' class page.


Welcome back to Year 5, Motivated Ms. For the final Half Term, Miss Allen will continue to teach Year 5 on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with Mrs O’Reilly teaching on a Thursday and Friday. We are looking forward to an exciting final half term filled with creativity, curiosity and teamwork.


Our KS2 residential trip, to Bushcraft in Kettering, is only a few weeks away and it is sure to be a memorable experience. We will continue to implement our new Maths rotations, so that each child has a guided teaching session with the teacher and an opportunity to investigate each topic using a range of resources including flipcharts, iPads and games. We are very excited to base our learning around the 2018 World Cup and we are also looking forward to Sports Day. Building Rafts is going to be a real highlight of our learning this half term and as always our Science learning will be exciting. 



Summer B


Our topic this Half Term has a Geography/PE focus as it is based around the World Cup, which starts in June 2018.


  • In English, we shall look at what it takes to be a top commentator, writing sports award acceptance speeches and develop our fiction writing. 
  • In Maths we shall be learning about measurement, including converting units from Metric to Imperial, and understanding how volume is used. We will learn how to measure accurately using a range of practical investigations.
  • In Science, our focus is based around Forces, which will include discovering how gravity, friction and air resistance work.
  • In Geography and History, we will investigate the local area and carry out fieldwork to look for evidence of Human and Physical features of our locality. We will investigate continuity and change in the history of our local area.
  • In RE we will continue to study Buddhism, now aiming to understand practises and lifestyles of this religion.
  • In Computing we will start to explore coding and how we can use SCRATCH to make animated stories.
  • In PSHE we will learn how to express our doubts and fears, how to cope with change and push past our fears.
  • In Design we will start to assemble our Rafts, using safe joining techniques.