Year 6 – Y

Hello! Welcome to the ‘Wondering Ys’ class Page. 

I continue to feel privileged to be spending such a significant part of your child’s primary education with them and look forward to continuing to share in their successes and to create memories together which we will all remember forever!

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you what your children can continue to expect as we embark on the next chapter of their education:

We will continue to create a stimulating, engaging and exciting learning environment where your child will feel comfortable, confident and respected. Willing to try new things, this is something that most of us don’t want to hear. If we want to get really good at something there are no short cuts! Have the drive to constantly want to improve and to persevere when we find things challenging. We will continue to bring lessons to life using a multitude of interactive resources, making their learning experience as fun as possible!

We will work independently on some projects and in teams on others but we will always recognise each other’s achievements and reward success.  We will display our work with pride and share our accomplishments with the rest of the school.

Let’s make this time a time to remember. 

Summer B 2017

In Year 6 our topic has a digital focus and is called ‘Lights, Camera, Action” 

We will be: 

  • Our topic this half term is ‘Lights, Camera, Action.’ During this topic we are being transformed in to Hollywood stars, we will be learning about the history of Hollywood and the stars that have been, where Hollywood is and the geographical area. We will also become film critics, looking at films that have made it in to the Oscars hall of fame and giving our opinions on these.

  • In English we will become film critics writing our own reviews of famous films, thinking about the characters within these, writing our own play scripts, recording these and using image editing software, finally writing and performing our own poetry linked to the work of Shakespeare.

  • In Mathematics this half term will be continuing to work on our fluency, reasoning and problems solving skills across the Maths curriculum and ensuring that we are able to solve any challenge put in front of us.

  • In Science we will build on their work in Year 4 by sorting animals into groups based on their similarities and differences. They will extend their learning to find out about the standard system of classification and will have the opportunity to design their own ‘curious creature’ and classify it based on its characteristics.

  • We will be continuing our Life Long Learning successful attitudes and have discussions around Dr Imagine and Professor Improve. The children will be continually searching for evidence of these attitudes to share and celebrate in our weekly assemblies, watch out for green tokens coming your way!

  • In art and design we will be using ICT to film and edit our own scenes, thinking about film artwork and creating our own Hollywood star.