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Cromwell Academy

Cromwell Academy


Welcome to Reception Ash Tree class! My name is Mrs Ash and I will be teaching Reception this year.

This term will be a great chance to make new friends and learn the rules and routines of being in school.  We will have lots of opportunities to learn through play and become independent learners.  We will start our school experience together with the topic, ‘All About Me’, a chance to introduce ourselves to our new classmates and learn about our qualities which make us special and unique.  We will explore our likes and dislikes and work together to become part of the class team.

I cannot wait for us to start on our learning journey together! Please feel free to come and speak to me throughout the year should you have any questions, queries or concerns.


Autumn A

'All About Me'

Our topic this half term will be called 'All About Me'.  During the topic we will be:

  • Making choices about what we want to do, what we like and dislike.  We will be meeting new people and making new friends. 
  • Listening to familiar stories, listen to stories about having confidence and believing in yourself.  We will be learning to follow instructions in our new school environment.  We will be using talk to develop relationships and play experiences.
  • Making movements to music to develop gross motor skills.  We will be completing fine motor activities such as threading, playing with dough and cutting with scissors. 
  • Listening to a range of stories and looking at books independently.  We will be playing games to get our ears ready for listening and learning new sounds to start reading.  We will have opportunities to write indoors and outdoors using a variety of materials.
  • Practising counting in play-based situations and sing number songs to practise using numbers.
  • Looking at similarities and differences and talking about significant events in our own lives.  We will be playing indoors and outdoors and playing on computer programmes.
  • Singing songs and playing instruments.   We will have opportunities for role play where we can play imaginatively, dress up and develop new relationships.