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Cromwell Academy

Cromwell Academy

Science Week 3rd-7th June 2019

Science Week 3rd - 7th June 2019

On Monday 3rd June, Cromwell Academy worked in collaboration with the Science Department from Hinchingbrooke School, to treat the children to a week of experiments, shows and investigations, as part of Science Week. 


The team from Hinchingbrooke School, led by Mr Charlie Pettit, worked with all Year groups to investigate topical issues, such as How can we make Electricity without the use of Fossil Fuels? The children made wind turbines and measured the amount of electricity produced.


Alex from Year 4 said : 

'It was really cool making wind turbines out of everyday objects, although it was harder than it first looked !"


The children really understood that fossil fuels will not last forever, as Harry in Year 2 noted:

"Power Stations need electricity to work, so we can't run out, or we won't be able to make  more power !"

The children also enjoyed experiencing a mobile Planetarium. Jemima from Early Years said: 

"We learned all about space. I loved it when we saw the planets really closely. "

Esmee in Year 6 agreed, saying: 

"I loved the whole week but my favourite part was the Planetarium. I never knew that JK Rowling used the stars to name some of her characters. "

Meanwhile in Year 3 and 4, the children observed Yeast Races. Lennon in Year 3 commented: 

"I loved the part where we did the yeast races. I never knew yeast could rise so much, by itself!"

 Mr Pettit and his team were very impressed with the knowledge and understanding of Science, the children of Cromwell Academy showed. Mrs O'Reilly, (the Science Coordinator at Cromwell) and Mr Pettit are looking forward to working together again, to identify some of the Super Scientists in Cromwell Academy,   as they move up to Secondary School.


Throughout the week, pupils also received visits from it’s scientist parents, who gave up their time to share their expertise with the children.

Headteacher Mrs Connor-James said “This was a fantastic collaboration, involving the whole community, that brought the awe and wonder of science into our school. We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who volunteered to support the week, providing experiences that extend way beyond the remit of the everyday curriculum.”

The pupils’ ideas were challenged further with a “Magical Science” show provided by Mr Weston of Top Hex Ltd to conclude the week’s events.

Cromwell Academy staff are very proud of the way in which it’s pupils conducted themselves throughout the week, with all visitors to the school commenting on their excellent scientific knowledge and skills. Mr Petit from Hinchingbrooke School remarked “We all had a fantastic time and I was so impressed with the level of scientific understanding and engagement across all of your year groups.”