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The Cromwell Curriculum

At Cromwell Academy, we have taken the time to re-design our curriculum to ensure that children experience a broad, balanced and innovative learning experience that inspires them and prepares them for life-long learning.

Our vision for current curriculum design is to develop independent, tenacious and resilient learners who are equipped for the next stage in their learning journey.

Cromwell Academy offers a curriculum that is “Knowledge Engaged” and values the acquisition of knowledge and skills equally, complemented with rich experiences and application to provide an all-round broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. Pupils learn the individual disciplines of each subject whilst linking these, wherever appropriate and relevant, to the themes and topics threaded throughout each term. This immersive approach provides children with the memorable experiences and layered learning required to embed and build on knowledge and skills year on year. 

To support our curriculum, we pride ourselves on working closely together with parents/carers, partner schools and the community so that our children receive an outstanding education and aptitude for life-long learning.  We particularly believe all our children at Cromwell Academy have huge potential and that it is our goal to unlock it together.

As an Academy we are given the freedom from following the National Curriculum (except English, Mathematics and Science) and this therefore gives us all the unique opportunity to define learning that prepares our remarkable young people for their future.

It is essential that we equip our children with the academic skills, knowledge and concepts they need through a stimulating and dynamic curriculum, that they can embrace, enjoy and are immersed in, which develops an eagerness for more.  This intrinsic motivation and love for learning then leads them to work harder and to achieve.  This shapes them for life and arms them with the necessary tools and skills for learning both now and for their future.

The core purpose of our vision for learning is to instil in our children a natural desire to be the best they possibly can be and prepare them for the future by developing their personal and academic skills whilst instilling a sense of responsibility and respect.

Curriculum Content

For details of content in each year group,  please click on the Whole School Curriculum Overview below. You can also download details of the content for each class by visiting the class pages, where you will find our half-termly curriculum updates. 

If you require any further information please contact the School Office.

Phonics and Spelling

Phonics is an essential part of early reading and is taught using our bespoke phonics programme, based upon Letters and Sounds from Reception through to Year 2. No Nonsense Spelling is used to support the teaching of spelling from Year 2 onwards.


In Key Stage 1, children choose from carefully selected, progressive books (banded by colour.) The read regularly with adults in school and parents are strongly encouraged to support the development of reading through regular practise at home.

Key Stage 2 pupils use Accelerated Reader to support their home reading.