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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! 

Welcome to Year 1!

In our classroom we have myself – Miss Blair as well as a lovely team of TAs, Mr Robson and Mrs Priya.

This is a great year when your children will make amazing progress as they transition into curriculum-based learning, routines and learning through structured play. We will develop our listening and communication skills and will learn how to apply these within our friendship groups and throughout our day-to-day learning.

Throughout the year we will be exploring the curriculum to expand our knowledge and develop our imagination as well as focusing on developing our phonics skills. We will be doing lots of exploring, both inside and outside our classroom, making sure we make the most of our outdoor spaces (including Hinchingbrooke Park).

We will be doing lots of learning in this year, but we will also be having lots of fun!

Myself and all the adults in Year 1 are very excited about the year ahead – if you have any concerns, please come and speak to us, so we can put your minds at ease.