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Cromwell Academy

Cromwell Academy

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 Oak Trees. 

Mrs O’Reilly teaches on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday morning with the help of Miss Mann. Mrs Jones will complete the week with the help of Mrs Dawson.  We have lots of fun topics to look forward to this year, which will initially be based on The Romans.  Our other topics will be ‘Europe’s Got Talent’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Street Detectives’, ‘Crime and Punishment’, and lastly ‘In the Spotlight’! We look forward to exploring these topics with you and to having a fabulous year together of growing and learning !  See you all soon .

Mrs. O’Reilly and Mrs Jones


Year 4 Oak Tree Class. Autumn B 2018

Out topic this term is based on Europe. We will be:

  • Using maps, atlases, globes and computers to research and locate European countries.
  • Investigating the social, ethnic, physical and geographical features of the European countries.
  • Looking at European artists, with a focus on the artist Paul Klee and producing replicas of his work.  
  • Producing reports and brochures with a focus of a chosen European country.
  • In Science we will be conducting lots of exciting practical investigations involving evaporation.
  • To understand multiplication and division methods and to use these to solve problems.