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Cromwell Academy

Cromwell Academy

Year 6

Hello! Welcome to the ‘Wondering Ys’ class Page. 

Hello! Welcome to the ‘Wondering Y’s’ class page. As you will already know, the team consists of: Mr Sykes and a team of other talented adults. We have had a superb start to the term and want to maintain our momentum. We are privileged to be spending such a significant part of your child’s primary education together. We look forward to sharing in more of their successes and creating more memories together!

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you what your children can expect as we embark on the next chapter of their education:

We will create a stimulating, engaging and exciting learning environment where your child will feel comfortable, confident and respected. We are going to face subjects that will both inform and engage your children in their learning. We must continue to try new things, this is something that is a continual challenge. We must continue to have the drive to constantly improve and to persevere when we find things challenging. We will continue to bring lessons to life using a multitude of interactive resources, making the learning experience as fun as possible!

We will work independently on some projects and in teams on others but we will always recognise each other’s achievements and reward success.  We will display our work with pride and share our accomplishments with the rest of the school.

We’re ready for some more challenges and hard work when you are!

Spring B

Our topic this half term has a text focus and is called ‘Ancient Greece’. During this half term:

  • Our topic this half term is  ‘Ancient Greece’ this offers a fabulous opportunity to explore the ancient world of the Greek civilisation. The children will be learning about where in the world Greece is and the roles of different people in Ancient Greek society.
  • In English this half the children will gain an understanding of different writing techniques and will have the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practise by applying these to their work. We will be studying a variety of Greek Myths linked to this and investigating Spartan life.
  • In Mathematics this half term, we will be honing our fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills across a range of mathematical areas.
  • In Science we will be learning about Electricity. We will learn about two of the most important scientific inventors in the field of electricity – Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. We will get the opportunity to develop our understanding of what electricity is and how to measure it.
  • In Art and Design, we will be investigating different printing techniques and gaining an appreciation of artefacts from Ancient Greece and creating our own vase.